Victoria of Houston


  Houston Based Gothic FBSM Provider


Less than one week since the big blow, and we are all still reeling, and I am sure will continue to do so for quite some time. My Twitter feed is awash with fear, outrage, shock, and confusion. Many providers are left hanging and wondering what will happen to us all next and is this really the end to not only our way of life and income source, but our very lives?


This pespective may seem like an over reaction to you, but let's take a step back for a moment and really inspect what it is going on here.  You've got many hundreds, though I am sure the number is closer to the thousands of women, whose income source has been suddenly taken away with no warning. This is not unlike losing your job with no notice. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow, went into work and had your boss tell you that you were fired with no pension, no severence pay and no benefits? Well, this is exactly what has happened to us. Many women, myself included, have been using providng as their sole source of income. Yes, MYSELF INCLUDED. What most clients seem to fail to realize, is that while visiting a provider is all fun and games to you, and sure, it is for us as well, this is still HOW WE MAKE A LIVING. It is how we pay for our bills, some of us provide for our kids, pay for things  like school and debt so we can better our lives and get ahead, pay for our medical care (because guess what? They don't offer a whore insurance package.), and many other things. To have all of our income suddenly in jeopardy is enough to make even the most stalwart of people shake in their boots. It is not a good feeling at all. I have already cried  pretty hard at least twice over this situation.


And yet, still, out of all the hundreds of clients I have seen, many even multiple times, I have received messages from all of two people asking me if I am ok. Two. Let that sink in. I've even had clients I have seen this week, talk to me about the situation, but in a very detached, non-committal way. Like, "Yeah man, it's crazy. Ah, well." They haven't even asked me what my plans are, if I am ok, and so forth and so on.

What this shows me, is that no matter how nice to you the clients are during sesh time, at the end of the day, in most people's minds, we are still only whores, and not real people. Because it doesn't affect them or their income directly, it is not a big issue on their minds and in their hearts. This is sad to me and actually shows me even more what the problem is. Amongst those men who even engage in the hobby, they still somehow do not legitimize that the type of work we do is, in fact, legitimate work. If we can't even get our clients  to validate us, how can we expect the rest of socitey to ever follow suit?

And if you genuinely think that this has nothing to do with you and doesn't affect you that much, I've got news for you. If you think this is the end of the censorship, you are wrong. It is only the beginning. The thing that scares me so much about this new bill, is the far reaching potential implications it has. First, they start with prostitution, because prostituion is bad, right? Well, it won't stop there. This sort of censorship is only opening the door for more and more, until before you know it, you have cameras in your home, because hey, anyone could always committ a crime at any time in their home so we better stop it before it starts, and electronic-only currency, so they can track every single we purchase we make, and so on and so forth.


Do I think we will reach these points in our life times? No. But I do believe very strongly that this is the sort of thing that is opening the door for us to eventually reach such points in our society. And the longer that we sit by and do nothing to stop this sort of thing, it will only allow them to continue to steal our rights away.