Victoria of Houston


For in-calls, I provide a central location in Montrose that is private and comfortable, with a shower. I use custom blended oil and a traditional massage table, soft music, dim lighting and candles.

The below sessions are the entirety of what I offer. I appreciate not being asked to provide any services out side of this.

All sessions now include an assisted shower. Prostate massage is available as well, as an additional layer of bliss. When booking your session, please feel free to use the below monikers. For example, "I'd like to schedule an oasis with you." I will confirm the rate in case you are unsure. 


Now offering Foria! What is Foria? Check out my review here for further inclusive info. If you choose a "Foria Addition" to any session, I will incorporate the use of Foria throughout your session.


Foria Addition                     +$20 to any session

Oasis: 60 mins                     $140

Eden:  90 mins                    $180

Nirvana: 60 mins w/ pm       $160

Cloud 9: 90 mins w/ pm       $200

Utopia: This session lasts between 60-90 minutes and includes a peg finish   $260

7th Heaven: 2 hours (with or without pm/peg finish) **Only available to my repeat clients.** $260/$320


My New Availability for Sessions is as Follows:

Mondays 9am -7pm (last appointment around 7 or 8pm but I am somewhat flexible on this.)

Tuesdays 9am - 3pm

Wednesdays 9am - 7pm (last appointment around 7 or 8pm but I am somewhat flexible on this.)

Thursdays 9am - 3pm

Fridays This is my only day I am totally flexible. Feel free to let me know what time works best for you.

Saturdays Must request this at least one day prior. 

Advanced booking is highly recommended. I accept sessions on an appointment basis only; I do not operate on a "walk-in" basis, where you can ask me same day/last minute and I am available. I need a minimum of 24 hours notice to respond and schedule you. If you are requesting for a time not listed above, I am unfortunately unavailable and will not be able to see you then. PM or email me ahead of time so we can discuss your session and arrange a time, to avoid disappointment. 

I may also have special times during the week I am available, and will update my site if and when that happens. 



Sensual Massage: A full body massage, incorpoating Swedish and depp tissue techniques, but sensual in nature, and unrestrained by traditional ettiquette. You can read further about this in this blog post. 

Assisted Shower: What it sounds like! You and I hop the shower together and I wash you down. 

Prostate Massage: Self-explanatory. PM can be incorporated into any of my sessions.

Peg: Again, self-explanatory. Please Google this term if you are unsure. 

Foria: CDB Lubricant. Check out their site or my review for more info.